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In partnership with XP Asset Management and Polen Capital, we manage opportunistic credit investments in Latin America.

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Our Philosophy

Based on fundamentally oriented and on-the-ground research we look to build high conviction portfolios of investments offering high yield and superior risk adjusted returns, using strong ad-hoc legal structures to maximize downside protection.


Our Guiding Principles


Fundamental research is key to our success. Our experience in Latin America translates into deep understanding of corporate issuers' businesses, driving  outperformance for our strategy.


Strong ad-hoc legal structures, with valuable & executable collateral, will protect our investments against downside risk.


Systematic monitoring of portfolios & markets will reveal mispriced risks, allowing us to maximize the risk-reward relationship for our investments.


Leveraging the collective experience of our team to make investment decisions will create concentrated & high-conviction portfolios.

Investment Strategy

Summit Ridge Capital Partners invests in Latin American corporate fixed income. We finance issuers through direct lending, leveraged loan offerings, and secondary purchases of leveraged loans and bonds. Our strategy is industry agnostic and contemplates investing into corporate credit, including issuance of state owned enterprises. Downside protection is ensured by senior lending into bankruptcy remote legal structures in favorable jurisdictions and excess of collateral value.

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